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  • Work that “me” muscle no matter what.

    Posted on June 11, 2012 by in To Inspire

    Imagine yourself holding a balloon.  Next, imagine blowing up the balloon.  How many breaths would it take?  Perhaps ten or maybe twenty.  By the time you are done the balloon is nice and big.  We might even feel a little dizzy from all the energy it took to blow the balloon up.

    Now imagine bouncing your balloon in the air.  You laugh because it is fun and you feel good.  You feel happy and full of life.  Nothing can go wrong.

    Suddenly someone comes along and pops your balloon.  You stare at them shocked while they stand before you with a needle in their hand.  You hadn’t even noticed it.

    You are filled with disappointment. You liked your balloon.  The person ruined all your fun.

    The question is would you blow up another balloon even though you risk it being popped again?

     Of course you would! 

    Now imagine that the energy it took for you to blow up the balloon was just like the energy it takes to work your “me” muscle.  It takes work to believe in yourself and know that you are in the place you are meant to be.  You feed, exercise and strengthen and even “blow up” your “me” muscle with positive words.  You work hard at it every day.

    You feel so good and know that life is amazing.  You believe in who you are and feel that life is on your side.

    Then just like the balloon, suddenly life can take a turn without us even expecting it. We don’t get invited to a party; someone makes a nasty comment about us; we don’t make the team; the love of our life disappoints us.  Or we do something to hurt someone we love without meaning to. 

    Our “me” muscle is popped.  All the hard work we put in to making ourselves feel better can feel gone and it can happen in an instant without us even expecting it. 

    The question then becomes will I get back on track and work my “me” muscle again. 

    The answer; you have to.

    Life, as we know, is complicated.  It is and always will be mixed with joy and pain; happiness and frustration.  It is never about getting rid of the pain or frustration that comes our way.  That is impossible.  It should always be about how we get through the pain and frustration to get us to the other side.

    Balloons will pop and we need to understand and accept that our “me” muscle will too. When we work at it we recover faster.  We grow and learn from the tough experiences that life can’t help but throw at us.  We become better at it.

    The trick is after we’ve recovered, to enjoy where we are once again; to live in the present moment and revel in the feeling that life is once again amazing. The trick is to enjoy the balloon we just blew up without thinking at any moment it is going to pop. 

    It will eventually but there is no reason for us to waste a good balloon.  Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Until next time….

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.