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  • What do you want to do when you grow up?

    Posted on April 8, 2012 by in inspire people
    The Author of Devoted to Me

    Christie Davis

    For this Weekly Me the focus is on our need to figure out what we want to do when we grow up.  At the ripe age of 44 I just figured it out. I know what my purpose is and it feels good.

    Like most of us my age, I went down the usual path.  Once I graduated high school I went off to college. I studied business, graduated right on time after four years and went to work for a big company.  I had a goal I worked towards, achieved it and felt I was on the path that I was meant to be on.  All was great except I spent 20 years at this big company and only just realized upon looking back that I never really fit in. Something never quite felt right.  On a professional level I knew somewhere along the line that I was not living the life I was meant to live.

    It was after my father died and I tried to continue down the same road that I just couldn’t pretend anymore.  I was depressed most days wondering what in the world I was going to do for the next 20 years and knew that it was not going to be this.   Then my brother called and said that he was joining his wife in their company and at some point I could join them.  It seemed like the perfect way to move to the next phase.  My position was eliminated at this big company shortly after and I started working for them.

    I was free.  So free it felt as if I was going to burst wide open.  To finally be out of this big company was such a relief and I loved working with my brother and his wife.

    I see now that opening myself up to this experience opened me up in a way that I had never before experienced.  It is why I was able to hear the whisper that led me to create Devoted to Me.  It was a beautiful gift that I am forever grateful for.

    If there is one lesson I would love to get across to kids is to remain open.   Know when something feels right and do it no matter how scared you might be.  Put yourself out there in whatever way you feel comfortable.  Listen to the whispers that come your way.  No matter how softly they might be given to you, the more open you remain the more clearly you will hear them.

    It is only by following where we are led and not resisting that we are able to live the life we are meant to live.  Take a chance.  Know that whatever happens you’ll be better off for trying.  Always.

    Until next time…..

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.

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