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  • To Be who we are, we need to Feel who we are.

    Posted on March 4, 2012 by in inspire people
    The author of Devoted to Me

    Christie Davis

    This Weekly Me is to exercise our “Me” muscle.  Many of us will spend our days trying to eat healthy and to exercise because we know that this is what we should do to live longer.  At the same time we spend minimal amounts of time working to improve our inner self or as we like to call it our “Me” muscle.  This muscle if ignored becomes weaker and weaker over time as we spend it comparing ourselves against others or hungrily waiting for approval.  As with our bodies there are many parts to our “Me” muscle and for this one we’re going to focus on just a few.

    Have you ever woken up first thing in the morning and felt good about yourself only to glance in the mirror and spot a pimple on your nose?  Have you ever bought the best outfit of your life, put it on, felt amazing and no one complimented you on it?   Almost at once you felt unattractive and disappointed.

    Have you ever felt grateful for something like your first cell phone or your first car?  You didn’t care what model it was until your best friend shows up with the latest IPhone or brand new BMW.  Now you’re not so appreciative of the one you received.

    Have you ever felt like you could accomplish anything?  You just completed your first race and felt so strong and proud of what you were able to achieve only to learn that your friend beat your time by 5 minutes. You shrunk into feeling slow and weak.

    In each of these examples the point is that when we were at our best we felt it.  The feeling didn’t last because we did not spend enough time nurturing this feeling that at first glance was intuitive.  We have been taught to look outside to validate what we feel.  The truth is, only we know what we want to hear and what we want others to see.   When we look to others it will in most cases fall short of our expectations and lead us to feel less than who we really are and weaken who we are.

    I am definitely not suggesting that we will be able to completely rid ourselves of the need to seek validation.  I am here to tell you that when I receive a compliment it feels good.  It takes practice though not to become dependent on the mirror or a compliment.  To let what we don’t see or don’t hear make or break how we feel.  To work my “ME” muscle I say daily and even sometimes through clenched teeth because of the pimple on my nose..…I EMBRACE MY BEAUTY.  Beauty is something we all have and is not something we see, only what we feel.

    I am also not here to say that we should never want for more than what we have.  I want to have nice things too, nicer things than what I already have.  I do believe though that gratitude is the secret to the best possible life.  Author Melody Beattie sums it up best  – Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. “   To work the “Me” muscle is to practice not getting caught up with what others have versus what we don’t have.  The more we do that, it takes our eye off the prize that is already in our possession and we will never be satisfied.

    Strength is not only revealed physically when we accomplish something we had not done before like running our first race.  Strength is also an emotional force that is deeply rooted in all of us; something we were born with.  It is a natural ability to overcome any obstacle that is holding us back but many of us do not discover we have it until something forces us to.   When we compare our physical strength against others there will always be someone who can run faster and through this process we begin to deny our own inner strength.  To reinforce the “Me” muscle is to feel my strength in everything I do.  I believe that physically I am strong but more importantly my inner strength is what makes me share these words with you.  It is what makes me want to enhance and beautify the world and make it a better place for all of us to live.  We are all strong, every one of us.  To deny it is to deny a piece of who we are.

    This is a big beautiful world we live in and too much time is wasted on who we are not or what we are not, or what we don’t have.  Life is for living!  We only get one!

    Next time you feel beautiful, have the inner strength to resist the urge to look in the mirror and be grateful that you let it be.

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    Until next time…

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.