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  • The Risk to Bloom.

    Posted on July 22, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about our need to be who we are.

    We can all remember a time in our lives where we did not even question who we were.  We were free to be ourselves.    We skipped down the street just for the fun of it.  We made funny sounds with many of our body parts just for a good laugh.  We lived with abandon.  There was never a thought of holding back from doing what we wanted to do to be ourselves.

     Then one day somewhere between puberty and adulthood we experience a thing called embarrassment.  Of course we understand that noisy bodily functions are not to be shared but then no way would we be caught dead skipping down the street, it might be fun, but that is just too immature.  We learn to keep things we find funny to ourselves, after all, what if no one else found it funny.  We learn how to segment what we’re willing to show one person over another because we fear rejection.

    It becomes more about what we think others will find more enjoyable when being around us then what we’ll find enjoyable. We look before we laugh because it’s about fitting in not about being who we are.  We hold ourselves back.

     And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

    was more painful than the risk to bloom.

    Anais Nin

    Something is calling to each of us.  I imagine it is just like how the sun with its warmth and light beckons the flower to open and reveal itself.  The sun is saying to the flower just as this larger than life force is saying to us to be who we are; to be who we were born to be.  Open up and blossom to reveal the inner beauty that lives within all of us.

    And once we respond we come to understand that we need to laugh if we find the joke funny, who cares if no one else is laughing with us.  If we want to skip to remember what it feels like we do it.  We find ourselves wanting to just be.  No agenda.  No judgment.  We just want to release what’s inside.  We blossom.  We risk acceptance in order to blossom.

    But the beautiful part is that we continue to blossom over and over again every time we chose to do something that feels right to our own self.  It becomes infinite because we understand that acceptance first is for who we are.

    It’s not about being selfish.  Imagine the relationship between the sun and the flower.  It is filled with love and compassion for each other.  It is about sharing; the sun with its warmth and light; the flower with its intricate beauty turning towards the sun once it has bloomed.

    When something greater than ourselves asks us to be who we are and we respond from the deepest part of who we are it is with love and compassion for our own self that we share it with the world.

    And trust me when I say the world will in turn respond with love and compassion. Even when we are met with the “stare” or even rejection we come to know that it was worth the risk based on what we feel inside.

    So I offer you, as warm and bright as the sun, an invitation to be who you are; to do what comes naturally to you and what feels right.   

    Risk acceptance to bloom.  Don’t hold back. Skip.  Laugh. Live with abandon once again. I promise you won’t regret it.

    I haven’t yet.

     Until next time…

     Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.