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The Quest

The concept is simple yet has the power to transform the world in which we live in. The mission at Devoted to Me is to inspire people of all ages, especially our young, to look within themselves to understand who they are and what they mean in this fast-paced, noisy world we live in.

Our goal is to take people on a journey of self-discovery by utilizing anyone of the DTM inspirational items so they will come to know, feel and accept the person they are; the person they were always meant to be. We are all strong, capable, beautiful and confident human beings; we just lose sight of it from time to time and this is a way to bring it into focus and keep it. It is a way to quiet for a time what other people think we are and instead find out for ourselves.

Once we each accept who we are and the shift has taken place we will rid our world of the many issues that are plaguing our teens and even younger children. Gone would be the bullies and their victims, replaced with acceptance for each other. Abuse of any kind would not survive because of the inner strength revealed. Obesity would diminish because souls would be fed. Self-mutilation and hate would dissipate into self-love. On the other side would be respectful, responsible human beings with an understanding that we are all accountable for what we bring and the choices we make in the world we live in.

The dream is an ambitious one. The road for some may be long and winding and for others a bit easier but the power to effect change lives within all of us no matter the age or obstacles that are before us.

Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.