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  • Slice of pie anyone?

    Posted on February 3, 2013 by in inspire people

    This Weekly Me is about how we each create the world we live in and how it is all connected.

    I believe that most of us are aware that what we give out to the world comes back to us. 

    But what if it goes beyond that? 

    What if what we give out doesn’t just come back to us, it is also absorbed by everyone else in the entire world.  My anger or love becomes your anger or love and vice versa even if we have never met.

    I think for many of us this is a difficult idea to understand but I’m going to try.

    Imagine for a moment that the world we live in is a pie; one big giant pie. 

    Everything that goes into the pie we put in. One by one we each place the ingredients into the pie. The ingredients of the pie are simply what we feel and believe.

    Let’s imagine the ingredients of the perfect pie of our world.

    To start with we’d have sweet ingredients like LOVE, JOY, TRUTH, RESPECT, PEACE, EQUALITY and GRATITUTE.  For richness in flavor we’ll add some FAITH.  Because of course we are human we do tend to add a touch of ANGER or FRUSTRATION.  But then it is offset by the rich, bold flavor of DESIRE and AMBITION that fuels a natural COMPETITIVE spirit to want more for ourselves and to do better.

    We love the big giant pie we live in as it surrounds us with all of the ingredients that each of us put in. The best part is we get to eat a slice of the pie we help make and it is when we eat our slice that we feel the emotions of the people of the world.    We savor and absorb its sweet, rich flavor and everything it has to offer.

    We are always aware that what we put in is always for the greater good so we take responsibility for what we put in.    

    The thing about our pie, because life at times will require us to shift and change over time, the ingredients we put in will shift and change as well.  But at the heart of it we never lose sight of what we are here to do.  We are here as part of the pie of the world to ensure that it is the best tasting pie ever for all of us to enjoy.

    You see if we could see the world we live in this way and understand the power we each possess then we’d be able to make sense of why the world right now is the way it is. 

    We’d be able to somehow make sense of the Sandy Hook tragedy and all those lost children including the shooter.

    We’d be able to comprehend the recent abduction of a 5 year old boy still being held hostage by a 65 year old Vietnam Veteran.

    We’d be able to realize why so many people make choices that ultimately destroy their livelihood.

    We’d be able to see the financial crisis and ongoing fighting across the world as a sign that we have a lot of work to do.

    We’d be able to step back look at the big picture and see how these are all connected.  They are connected because they are the product and the result of the ingredients we have put into the pie of the world.  One by one each of us has put something into the world that when combined together has created something a bit distorted.

    Once we accepted this idea we would simply take the time to dissect the ingredients in the pie of our world today to see what we needed to change.

    We’ve replaced so much LOVE with FEAR. This has allowed for ANGER and HATE to dominate so much of the flavor.  And for many of us this over powers any essence of the FAITH, JOY, TRUTH and RESPECT we add to our pie. The DESIRE for more has become spoiled with GREED and the need to have it ALL even while we try to be GRATEFUL for what we do have.  We’ve added the artificial ingredients of JEALOUSY and ENVY.  COMPETITION has become about winning at any cost and the need to be the best.  Our pie has even added the false idea of PERFECTION because we love to study it and compare ourselves against it. PEACE is defeated by the addition of the idea that to be RIGHT is more important.  And to top it all off we sprinkle SADNESS into our pie.

    Still even as we take a closer look we might find it hard to understand how it is that we contributed anything to create the state of the world today.  A little anger now and then doesn’t cause someone else to want to shoot children.

    However it is looking at the world in this way that we can determine where we go from here and how it is that each one of us on our own can make a difference in the world we live in.

    We can choose LOVE over FEAR.  We can decide to channel any ANGER for the greater good for all people.  We can decide that HATE only weakens us.   Anything we do in life is about always doing our best NOT being the best.  We can remind ourselves again and again that there is no such thing as PERFECTION.   We can remember that even when we are RIGHT we need to let things go because PEACE is necessary for our survival.  We can DESIRE more for ourselves and feel GRATEFUL at the same time which cancels out any GREED. 

    We can remember how powerful we are to make a difference in the world and to always have HOPE.

    I’d like a slice from this pie any day.

    Until next time….

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.