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    Posted on August 26, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about accepting who we are.

    What if from the moment we were born we were required to accept who we are.   We would be presented to the world and a promise made on our behalf to be raised with only acceptance for who we are.

    When we would come of a certain age, like 9 or 10 years old we would be required to sign a binding contract.  A formal ceremony would take place where we would sign our name.  And from that moment on we would take responsibility for our own acceptance.  It would be our commitment to accept anything and everything we were born with and what we would eventually grow to be.  Once the contract was signed there would be no turning back; we would not be allowed to change anything about ourselves.

    Seems like a silly fantasy I know.

    At the same time when I think of it as if it were true it makes me dream of what dissolves away as a result.

    No more competition.  No more pressure to “fit” in.  No more feeling self-doubt for who we are or what we were born with. We would no longer seek the one thing that we could “fix” that would make us feel better about who we are.  And the beautiful part is that no one would have the power to make us feel bad about who we are.  And in turn we would not be able to make someone else feel bad about who they are.  We would not waste our time and energy.

    It makes you wonder how much easier life would be if we just let go for a moment of this idea that in order for us to “fit” in we have to be a certain height; have certain size breasts or have to change the shape of our nose.

    And even though it is a silly dream for me it makes me see how much time we all waste focusing on the outer part of ourselves when what we should be doing is focusing on what it is we were put here on this earth to do.

    There are many things I believe in but this is the most important one of all; we were all born for a reason.

    We were not born to fix something in order to fit in.  No, we were born for something so much bigger than that.

    So I say, even though it is just my fantasy, sign the contract and accept who you are.  Make the commitment today as your duty to accept yourself for everything that you were born with and everything that you have grown into and everything you have yet to become.

    It is really that simple.  Don’t waste another moment. 


     Until next time…

     Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.