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The Devoted to Me self-acceptance tool comes as a kit.  In every kit included is the small, simple and powerful book of affirmations.  What changes is the way in which we carry the words with us.  Choose what speaks to you from the list of products below.  Read the words and carry the words with us is how we do the work to come to know, feel and accept who we are.


DTM Intention Kit with Silk Bracelet $25.00


DTM Intention Kit with Leather Bracelet $25.00

DTM Words to Live By Kit with Mantra Necklace - $28.00

DTM Words to Live By Kit with Mantra Necklace $28.00

Gold or Silver Plated 36" Necklace $36.00

DTM A Key for Me Kit – Gold or Silver Plated 36″ Necklace $36.00


DTM Survive to Thrive Kit – $25.00

A Buddy for Me Kit - $16.00

DTM A Buddy for Me Kit – Kids 6+ – $16.00



DTM T-shirt – $22.00