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  • Let it Shine.

    Posted on September 3, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about light.

    The biggest source of light for all of us is the sun.  We use the sun.  We need the sun.  The sun has a job to do and we welcome it. 

    Physically the sun gives us energy and makes us stronger with its endless supply of Vitamin D.  On the most beautiful day, hot or cold, it pulls us outdoors.  It makes us feel full of life.

    Emotionally it is fuel for the soul. Witness a sunrise as the yellow orange light begins to slowly ascend in the sky and it makes us feel as if we have been let in on a special secret.   It is the most perfect way to start our day.  The best way to end the day is to enjoy a sunset as it fills the sky with a beautiful pink orange hue while it slowly slips away off in the horizon.  We feel peaceful, inspired and part of something bigger than ourselves.

    The sun does its job amazingly well.

    What if for a moment we could imagine that we are just like the sun.  Living within each of us is a light as bright and powerful as the sun.  What if we could understand that just like the sun we are strongest in our core, exactly where our light resides.  Our light has as much warmth to offer as the sun.  And by letting it shine, imagine for a moment that our light had the power to inspire as much as the sun.

    Believing in the light that lives within us is to follow our dreams and to let those dreams guide us where we need to go just as the sun is led where it needs to go.  And as we live out the dreams we let the light and energy burst outward just as the sun does.  This is when we do our job amazingly well.

    The more we recognize our own light in the same way we see the sun we will enjoy life to its fullest filled with warmth, happiness, peace, smiles and laughter.  We will be able to freely let our light shine and feel as unselfish and giving as the sun.  We will be able to recognize that others need to shine their lights too just as the sun shares the sky with the moon each night.  Even when we don’t feel like shining our light, just as the sun patiently waits behind the clouds to shine its light upon us, our own light will do the same. 

    We are a light just like the sun.

    Let it shine.

    Until next time…

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.