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  • Knock. Knock.

    Posted on September 16, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about opportunity.

    Imagine that Publishers Clearing House was standing outside your front door ready to present you with a cash prize.  They knock on the door.  In their hand they are holding a check for $5 Million.  They knock again.  But you are not home.  Instead of leaving the check or coming back later they simply go to the next person on the list.  The chance to win $5 million came and went without you even remembering you had entered into the contest.

    What if our life was just like that all the time every day? 

    From the moment we were born we would understand that we are entrants into the game of life.

    We are soon taught that each opportunity to come our way will be presented as a knock on our front door.   Imagine someone right outside your door holding a neatly packaged box wrapped in a bow and in it is a detailed opportunity.  They knock.   If we are home to receive it we would gladly accept the package.   Once accepted and opened the opportunity is ours.  The messages would vary.  They would tell us where to go and what to do.  They would tell us who to meet.  They would tell us when to slow down or when to pick up the pace.

    But what would happen if we are not home to accept the packaged opportunity?  Opportunities are not patient and they move on to the next house if left unanswered.  On and on it would go until someone answered the door and accepted the opportunity. 

    We would not be too concerned if we missed a few though.  We would shake off our disappointment because we would understand that there was an endless supply of opportunities and more would be coming our way.  We would just make sure to be home and pay attention to hear the knock on the front door next time.

    We would also accept when those around us did answer the door and accepted a really amazing opportunity because we would remember that it is a level playing field.  From the moment we are born each of us has an equal chance of getting the same opportunity.  We just weren’t home to answer the door that time. 

    I’ve been practicing this thought for the past couple of weeks.  I imagine that everything and anything that comes my way is that knock on the door presenting an opportunity.  Invitations to things I would not normally go to I accept.  When I feel the need to reach out to someone, I do.  Even when behind a slow moving car and I’ve been in a hurry I imagine it is that knock on the door telling me to slow down.

    Imaging my life in this way surprisingly has made me feel strong and very aware of the present moment.  It has made me feel watchful but in a peaceful way. 

    I can see so clearly how easy life can be if we just look at every thing as an opportunity. 

    I’m ready to hear the knock on the door and accept my opportunity. 

    I am so ready. 

    What about you?

    Until next time….

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.