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  • If We Were Only Like Flowers

    Posted on February 12, 2012 by in To Inspire
    The author of Devoted to Me

    Christie Davis

    Devoted to Me is here again to give you a dose of The Weekly Me.

    Picture in your mind a flower that has just blossomed and opened its petals.  No matter the color, size, or shape it sits there in its own beauty and quiet confidence whether we notice it or not.  In this sense the beauty that the flower offers is not just what we see but what we smell and feel.  All of these combined is what gives the flower its beauty.  If we are to notice this flower, each of us might have a preference as to which one we find a little more beautiful but we can agree that all flowers are beautiful.  It is just something we accept without question.  All flowers are beautiful.

    What if we could be like a flower where each of us accepted our own beauty with the same quiet confidence?  Just knowing and feeling who we are without the need to shout it from the hilltops in order to get validation from others that what we feel is right.  The truth is there exists a very fine invisible line between loving who we are that crosses over into this feeling of rising above those around us as if we are better.

    Personally speaking I have always been a mixture of emotions for who I am.  I have an outgoing personality that sometimes would come off to other people as “too much”.  I could see the look in their eyes or sense their energy.  Doubts of course crept in, after all I am human, but it was just a feeling I had and I was able to brush it off overtime.  It was not always easy but possible.  Now there are all sorts of ways for our younger generation to know that the feeling they picked up on was right and when you see it written for others to see besides yourself it’s not so easy to brush off.

    When I had my own shift and thus created Devoted to Me a veil was lifted and all the sudden I felt I knew the secret to a better life for not just me but for the world!  I did not look in the mirror and see something different. I felt it instead.  I am beautiful and therefore we are all beautiful.  My intensity and need to share it with those closest to me came off I’m sure as if I was better.  Everyone needs to follow me because I know the way!  That is not exactly how I wanted it to come across but I could not help the powerful feelings rushing out of me.

    This aspect of our life is like any other muscle group.  It takes work to get here and it takes work to stay here.  It is also a balancing act between knowing and feeling who we are and then just letting it be.  As with a flower my hope is that we all come to know with quiet confidence that we are  beautiful.  And while preferences are what makes us human we can find a way to make sure that we honor and respect the beauty in each of us.

    Please let us know what you’re thinking.

    Until next time…

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.