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DTM T-Shirt


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Choose your color

The DTM T-shirt ensures that we are surrounded by beautiful empowering words.  It has the DTM logo on the front and the mantra on the back.  It comes in white as well as vibrant hand-dyed colors so you can pick the color that makes you FEEL good about who you are. T-shirt is 100% cotton v-neck from the high quality brand Next Level.

DTM T-Shirt
Product Options
1Blue - Small$22.00
2Blue - Medium$22.00
3Blue - Large$22.00
4Blue - X-Large$22.00
5Dusty Purple - Small$22.00
6Dusty Purple - Medium$22.00
7Dusty Purple - Large$22.00
8Dusty Purple - X-Large$22.00
9Green - Small$22.00
10Green - Medium$22.00
11Green - Large$22.00
12Green - X-Large$22.00
13Grey - Small$22.00
14Grey - Medium$22.00
15Grey - Large$22.00
16Grey - X-Large$22.00
17Orange - Small$22.00
18Orange - Medium$22.00
19Orange - Large$22.00
20Orange - X-Large$22.00
21Purple - Small$22.00
22Purple - Medium$22.00
23Purple - Large$22.00
24Purple - X-Large$22.00
25Red - Small$22.00
26Red - Medium$22.00
27Red - Large$22.00
28Red - X-Large$22.00
29White - Small$22.00
30White - Medium$22.00
31White - Large$22.00
32White - X-Large$22.00
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