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  • Don’t rent space in your head.

    Posted on July 15, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about our tendency to over think almost everything we do in life.

    Let’s go back in time to see where it all began.

    We begin school at age five or six and from that moment on we spend the bulk of our time thinking.  One plus one equals two.  “I” before “e” except after “c”.  On and on we are required to think our way through most of the day.  We don’t have a choice because if we want any future we need to pay attention and learn.

    Then we graduate and we are paid to think.  We need our brains to remember the steps necessary to accomplish our job.  Most of the time if we’re satisfied we don’t give ourselves the option of feeling too much at work.  It’s just about getting the job done so when we check out at the end of the day we’re good.

    We live in this “thinking” state of mind 80% of the time. It has nothing to do with what we feel.  We don’t have time, we need to learn.  We don’t get paid to feel.

    So it is no wonder we over think almost everything else in our lives. We can’t help it.

    And then a miracle happens.  We take a break. We stop thinking and in a manner of speaking we “shut-up”.

    And here, in this place where our mind is quiet, we have a moment of inspiration.  We feel it.  Maybe it’s a brilliant idea that comes to us in an instant.  Or perhaps we revisit what it is that we long to be doing with the rest of our lives.  We wish it to be true.  We dream about it.  Our mind is alive with imagining all that it is possible.   For a while we let what we feel drive what we think.  We feel powerful.

    And in this place, when our mind is quiet we do things we wouldn’t normally do.  We laugh the loudest when someone tells a joke.  We dance.  We tell people how we feel from the bottom of our hearts.  We act a little crazy. And we love it.  It feels so good to be free.

    But then like a muscle that contracts because it’s not used to being worked we snap back into our “thinking” mode.  The pull is too strong to resist. 

    We rent space in our head and begin the process of thinking why it can’t be done.  Why it’s not the right time.  Why it is not meant to be.  Suddenly the brilliant idea becomes the impossible idea that will never happen.  We’ve given all our power to the thoughts and feel deflated.

    Thinking has destroyed our creativity. 

    When we shift back into the thinking mode, we analyze what others might have thought of us.  Why did we have to laugh so loud?  The joke wasn’t that funny.  We think we have said too much about how we feel?  What if they think we’re weird?

    Thinking has made us feel self-conscious.

    Thinking has its place; in school and at work.  But the rest of the time it only hurts us.  It weakens us.

    Our life should be about letting ourselves feel.  It should be about opening ourselves up to where we are meant to be and who we are meant to be.

    How we feel should drive what we think.  Not the other way around.  Feeling is where the power is.

    But the question is how?  How are we supposed to do it?  We’ve been conditioned to use our brains.

    For me, many times it is simply one thought at a time.

    Deepak Chopra, a physician, writer and inspirational speaker, says when he does not like the thought he is thinking he simply says “NEXT” to move on.

    I use that one….alot. I also say quietly to myself “SHUT…………UP”’.

    If we are going to live the life we are meant to live; if we are going to be who we are meant to be we have no choice but to stop all the thinking.

    So I say to you as I say to myself…

    Don’t rent space in your head.  Do not give your thoughts the power.  Feel that you are meant to be who you are.  You are meant to have dreams and live the best life possible.  Everything is possible when you feel it.  You are meant to laugh and cry for the whole world to see if you want to. You are meant to be you.  That is why you were born in the first place. 

    I repeat…………that is why you were born in the first place.

    Until next time…

    Devoted to Me begins with me and continues to you.  Accept it.  Pass it on.