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  • Devoted to Me Workshop – kids 11+

    Posted on March 4, 2014 by in inspire people, self help
    DTM Workshop

    DTM Workshop

    Devoted to Me is hosting a FREE workshop at Five Sisters in Miami, FL on Sunday, March 9, from 3pm to 4:30opm.

    8805 SW 132 St, Miami, FL 33176 | 786 250 4170

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    Devoted to Me’s workshop will change the way parents and their kids 11+ live their life — for the better! It will explain who we are and what we mean in a new and unique way.  The workshop is designed to be simple and impactful especially to the younger audience and will lay the foundation for the journey of self-acceptance.  The workshop is designed so kids can learn how to empower themselves and feel less pressure to “fit in”.  There is nothing out there quite like this.

    Parents and kids are encouraged to attend the workshop together so that it is a shared experience. Raising kids is anything but easy in the world we live in today but Devoted to Me has created an experience where families can leave feeling a stronger bond with each other.  After all, learning how to accept who we are is a shared journey within families.


    “It reminds me that it’s good to be just me and to be loved for who I really am.”  39 year old Mom

    “I am beautiful.  I am special.  I am strong.  I am unique.  I have a purpose in this world.  I am ME!”  11 year old.

    “I am beautiful. I need to learn to quiet the noise.  I will remind myself to accept who I am and share my gifts with the world.” 42 year old Mom.

    “I learned that I was born unique.  Also that I am beautiful, strong and brave.”  9 year old

    “I learned to be a better me and to be satisfied for who I am.  I was born for a purpose.” 48 year old Dad.