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  • Be a “Life Scientist”.

    Posted on September 23, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about how we can use science to draw strength from in our own life.

    I had the pleasure of attending a workshop called the Charmed Life School hosted by Nikki Novo the founder of the   It was at the Ironflower Fitness on Miami Beach – .  The evening was vibrant and filled with positive energy.  Nikki gave her insight as to how to live a lucky charmed life.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for even more inspiration in your life.  There is one coming up in October.  Check out either website for details.

    There were many great messages but the one I found most interesting was the idea of being a “Life Scientist”.  It means to study aspects of your life the same way a scientist would study a project or a subject.  What is working for you, what’s not working for you and why.

    I loved this idea.  I could suddenly see something that I had not seen before.

    Much of our life is spent feeling one way or another.  Feeling our way through life is so important.  We feel happy or we feel sad.  We feel excited or we feel let down.  Feeling helps us to know if we’re headed in the right direction.  It helps us to make better choices.  But with this idea in mind I can easily see that it’s those moments when we put some distance between ourselves and what we feel that we can make even better choices.  Especially for things we are struggling with.

    The key to drawing inspiration from a scientist is not in what he or she studies but in how they do it.

    For a scientist it is about a process that is consistent no matter what and always starts with a question.

    Next, the scientist hypothesizes what will happen.  There is no feeling one way or another about the outcome.  The “guess” is just part of the scientific process.

    From there it is all about collecting and evaluating data. 

    And finally once completed an honest and fair conclusion is drawn.

    It seems so simple; just a process from start to end.

    Emotions are what fuel our fire most of the time but it is reminders like this that help us.  Distancing from what we feel might seem like an impossible task but the moment we consider ourselves a “Life Scientist” the emotion can be lessened.  We become objective and understand that the conclusion we draw from the results gives us power.  Information is always power. 

    When you ask yourself the important question like “Why do I keep dating the wrong guy?” or “Why do I have no friends?”  Think of yourself as a “Life Scientist” and let go of the emotion you feel.  Feel no anger or sadness and just follow the scientific process.  Collect the data.  Analyze it.  Reach your honest conclusion and take the best action.

    Seems so simple; be a “Life Scientist” and follow the process from start to end no matter what.

    Thank you Nikki Novo.

    Until next time….

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