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  • Beauty begins with Me.

    Posted on February 15, 2014 by in To Inspire

      We can change for the better when we see something in a new way. We’re starting with Beauty. Beauty can be a complicated issue in our world today because we rely so much on the outside world to tell us if we belong to this elite club.  The power to decide and accept our […]

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  • Slice of pie anyone?

    Posted on February 3, 2013 by in inspire people

    This Weekly Me is about how we each create the world we live in and how it is all connected. I believe that most of us are aware that what we give out to the world comes back to us.  But what if it goes beyond that?  What if what we give out doesn’t just […]

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  • A Gift for Everyone.

    Posted on December 2, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about what it really means to be born with a gift. I’ve been hearing a lot lately, most especially in the last week, about how each of us was born with a gift and that we only need to look within to find it.  I’ve seen it in blogs, in quotes […]

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  • There is no finish line as long as we’re alive.

    Posted on October 29, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about how we will never stop learning. There came a point in my life where I decided to let go.  I was for the first time in my life making a conscious choice to NOT control EVERYTHING.  I no longer looked to the future and tried to predict what would be […]

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  • Devoted to Me Live

    Posted on October 4, 2012 by in To Inspire

    I’ve decided to launch a series of short videos in hopes of  giving further insight into what it means to be Devoted to Me.  Stay tuned for more to come.  I think you’ll like what you see.  This is all about a better me, inspiring a better you and together we create a better world. Until next […]

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  • Be a “Life Scientist”.

    Posted on September 23, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about how we can use science to draw strength from in our own life. I had the pleasure of attending a workshop called the Charmed Life School hosted by Nikki Novo the founder of the   It was at the Ironflower Fitness on Miami Beach – .  The evening was vibrant […]

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  • Knock. Knock.

    Posted on September 16, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about opportunity. Imagine that Publishers Clearing House was standing outside your front door ready to present you with a cash prize.  They knock on the door.  In their hand they are holding a check for $5 Million.  They knock again.  But you are not home.  Instead of leaving the check or […]

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  • Let it Shine.

    Posted on September 3, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about light. The biggest source of light for all of us is the sun.  We use the sun.  We need the sun.  The sun has a job to do and we welcome it.  Physically the sun gives us energy and makes us stronger with its endless supply of Vitamin D.  On […]

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  • Sign here X______________.

    Posted on August 26, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about accepting who we are. What if from the moment we were born we were required to accept who we are.   We would be presented to the world and a promise made on our behalf to be raised with only acceptance for who we are. When we would come of a […]

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  • There is a CHAMPION in all of us.

    Posted on August 5, 2012 by in To Inspire

    This Weekly Me is about what makes a champion. Every two years we have the opportunity of watching the Olympics. We witness power, determination, mental strength, faith, perseverance, and above all passion for what they are doing.  Olympians possess the ability to focus in on a goal and no matter the sacrifice or the work […]

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